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  • Log Everything About HTTP Requests With Varnish

    Log Everything About HTTP Requests With Varnish

    Having incredibly configurable, robust, scalable, and efficient logging is just one reason to put Varnish at the outer most layer of your infrastructure. Commonly to Varnish is used just for logging, even when no caching is being done. Varnishncsa is a separate process than Varnish, with a shared memory buffer, allowing you to control multiple…

  • A Tour Of Infrastructure Dashboards

    A Tour Of Infrastructure Dashboards

    Observability, monitoring, and alerting are essential ingredients when it comes to ensuring that you are able to know when something is wrong, fix it right away, and prevent it from occurring again. For monitoring infrastructure I’m using Grafana Stack, including the following open source, free tools: Here is a look at some of the most…

  • Test VCL Using Varnishtest

    Test VCL Using Varnishtest

    Varnish developers know varnishtest, it’s yet another executable that ships with Varnish. When compiling Varnish and VMODs, there is typically a set of varnishtests you can run to ensure that everything is working correctly. And without a doubt it is useful to be able to validate that 1 + 1 = 2, as this allows…